Road and Bridge Department


Steve Kaphammer, Road & Bridge Supervisor

Conrad Shop

220 4th Avenue SE, Conrad, Montana 59425

(406) 271-3613

(406) 271-3613 fax

Frosty DeBoo, Valier Lead Operator

Valier Shop

726 Teton Avenue, Valier, Montana 59486

(406) 279-3751

Dupuyer Shop

203 Dupuyer Street, Dupuyer, Montana 59432

(406) 472-3328


Bidder's Package: Solicitation for Bids for Structural Plate Culvert (May 2022)

The following forms can be filled out on the computer, printed, signed, and submitted by mail or in person to the Commissioners or Road & Bridge Administrator.

Encroachment Agreement

Dust Abatement Permit Application