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Youth Court


20 4th Avenue Conrad, Suite 309, Conrad, Montana 59425-2357

(located on the top floor of the Courthouse)

Candice Kinamon, Deputy Juvenile Probation Officer

(406) 271-4035

Jackie Jones, Administrative Assistant

(406) 271-4034



Monday & Wednesday; 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

(excluding holidays)


Youth Court combines court and probation services for juvenile offenders in Pondera County with the juvenile hearings presided over by District Court.  Responsibilities include: pretrial investigations and recommendations; diverting youth from prosecution; supervision of youth who are placed on probation; holding hearings on delinquency charges against youth and appropriate sentencing; filing petitions for formal District Court Hearing on serious criminal charges; writing pre-sentence reports to the Court for sentencing; authorizing detention, release, and transportation of youth; drug testing of youth; collecting restitution for victims of youth crime.






9th Judicial District Court

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