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Board of Health (BOH)



3-Year Terms

Jamie Miller (2022-2024)

Jeff Sutherland (2022-2024)

Tim Salois (2022-2024)

Ruth Erickson (2023-2025)

Brian Garnett (2023-2025)

Pam McFarland (2023-2025)

Dr. Jay Taylor, Health Officer

Heather Johns, Assistant

Jim Morren, Commissioner


Contact the Commissioners for information.


Amy Shaw, Health Department Public Health Coordinator @ (406) 271-3247


The Board of Health (BOH) governs public health and sanitation efforts in Pondera County, while day-to-day public health functions are carried out by the Health Department and Sanitarian.  The BOH has the authority to adopt rules, regulations, and resolutions, and to enact policies within Pondera County Public Health. 

MCA 50-2-116 Powers And Duties Of Local Boards Of Health

Citizen boards serve in an advisory capacity to the Commissioners.  If you are interested in serving on a citizen board, you should submit a letter of interest to the Commissioners in December.  Appointments to the boards are made at the end of each December, with the term beginning in January of the next year.

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