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Water Districts



The following water districts are within Pondera County:

Tiber County Water District

Elected Board Members

Mike Habets

Tyler Judisch

Richard Preputin

Ernie Ratzburg

Appointed Board Members

Gary Gollehon, Chouteau County

Gary Buffington, Liberty County

Ramsey Offerdahl, Jr., Pondera County

Dave Witt, Pondera County

Carl Flesch, Toole County

Carol Johns, Secretary


Last Monday of the month @ 7:00 pm

Brown Fitchner & Associates

Brady County Water & Sewer District


Elected Board Members

Suzi Eckness

Del Kranzler

Peggy Lowery

Cody Seccomb

Zach Styren

Appointed Board Member

Jim Morren, Commissioner


Julie Orcutt, Secretary


2nd Thursday of the month @ 6:00 pm

Centrol Crop Consulting

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