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Treasurer / Assessor
and Superintendent of Schools/ Assessor

Photo of Shaunna Graham

elected Treasurer / Assessor / Supt. of Schools

Shaunna Graham

(R) 2023-2026


20 4th Avenue SW, Suite 211, Conrad, Montana 59425-2387

(located on the main floor of the Courthouse)

Shaunna Graham, Treasurer / Assessor / Supt. of Schools

(406) 271-4015

Janna Korenko, Deputy

(406) 271-4016

Carol Johns, Deputy

(406) 271-4017

Megan Martin, Deputy

(406) 271-4022

Jacqueline Christiaens, Contracted Superintendent of Schools

(406) 271-4055



Monday - Friday; 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

(excluding holidays)

Services & Documents


Motor Vehicles

IRS Form 2290 Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax Form/Instructions

Form 2290 County Due Dates and Information



Public School Districts:

Conrad Public Schools

Dupuyer Elementary

Heart Butte K-12 Schools

Miami Elementary

Valier Public Schools


If you ask anyone what the Treasurer’s Office does, they will tell you that this office takes your money.  Well, that is true, but it is only part of the story. Typical responsibilities include: collecting motor vehicle fees and property taxes; collect and invest money received by other county offices and the public schools; track all checks that are issued by county offices and the school districts, and provide each office with monthly information on their cash expenditures; work hand in hand with the school clerks to receive and distribute money from the county and state sources to the appropriate school funds; track monies coming in and going out for school transportation and report to OPI; assist with vehicle titling and registration; receipt driver's license and real ID; create/collect real, personal, and mobile taxes with information provided by Department of Revenue and budgets; manage the County-wide Investment Pool.

The Superintendent of Schools operates within a set of legal rules and regulations which affect the entire processes of public schools.  It has access to the Office of Public Instruction (OPI) for the implementation and interpretation of any rules and since each district has unique and individual issues to address, it is of optimum importance to keep open the lines of communication among the people involved in the school systems.  Responsibilities of the Superintendent include: annual final school budgeting and levy processes; home school student registration; teaching and bus driver registration and monitoring; approval of transportation contracts and certificates; preserving all permanent school records in Pondera County of teachers, boards, elections, and transportation; serving as Superintendent of rural schools or schools without administration; advising school trustees.​  To provide notification of your intent to home school your child/children, please contact the Superintendent of Schools at the contact information listed above. 

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