Septic System Permits

The purpose of permitting septic systems is to do our best to ensure that domestic sewage is properly disposed of in appropriate treatment systems which protect surface and groundwater supplies from contamination and to ensure that the health of the public is not compromised by exposure to domestic wastewater.

Pondera County does require that anyone constructing, altering or repairing an individual sewage treatment obtain the Sewage Disposal System Regulations and Permit from this office. Our County has adopted minimum State requirements. Circular DEQ 4 Montana Standards for On-Site Subsurface Sewage Treatment Systems contains the most current standards.

A completed and signed Application for Permit, which may be printed and filled out from the following page, is required. Please contact our office for additional requirements and information before submitting your application.

Montana Administrative Rule, section 17.36.902, On-Site Subsurface Wastewater Treatment System General Requirements are as follows: It is illegal to construct, alter, extend or utilize an on-site wastewater treatment or disposal system that may:

  • Contaminate any actual or potential drinking water supply
  • Cause a public health hazard as a result of access to insects, rodents or other possible carriers of disease to humans
  • Cause a public health hazard by being accessible to persons or animals
  • Violate any law or regulation governing water pollution or wastewater treatment and disposal, including the rules contained in this subchapter
  • Pollute or contaminate state waters, in violation of 75-5-605, MCA
  • Degrade state waters unless authorized pursuant to 75-5-303, MCA
  • Cause a nuisance due to odor, unsightly appearance or other aesthetic consideration.

Check out the DEQ for additional information:

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