State Rules (ARM16.28.626A Rabies Exposure) require that when an animal, other than a rabbit, hare, or rodent, who's species can be infected with rabies, bites a human being, it must be reported to the local health officer or representative, the county sanitarian. This gives us the opportunity to verify the animals vaccination and health status. The biting animal is required to complete a ten day observation (quarantine) period. This observation period is applicable for all healthy domestic dogs, cats, and ferrets. There is no approved quarantine for wild animals.

Any possible exposure to humans or animals should be reported to this office as soon as possible. This gives me the chance to address any concerns people may have and refer them to their physician, or in the case of an animal, its veterinarian. The only way to test any animal for the presence of the rabies virus is to have the animal euthanized and the brain sent to the State Diagnostic lab in Bozeman. There are certain guidelines to follow and our local vets are usually willing to assist with this.

Contact Communicable Disease Epidemiology Section for any questions at 444-0273.

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