Licensed Establishments

The following businesses require a license through the DPHHS (Food and Consumer Safety Section): Food Processors, Food Service Establishments, Motels, Hotels, Bed & Breakfasts, Pools, Spas, Trailer Courts and Campgrounds. These facilities need to go through a plan review process and then apply to the State for a license. These plan review forms and the State laws and rules are available at this office.

The Licensed establishments are inspected either annually or semi-annually. Food facilities are inspected to ensure food safety. We do this by observing preparation and storage procedures, monitoring food temperatures, looking for potential sources of cross-contamination, observing hygienic practices of the employees, and reviewing the general sanitation and maintenance of the establishment. We also try to take the time to educate employees and managers during inspections and scheduled training sessions.

Public Accommodation inspections are conducted to ensure adequate sanitation of the facility. Swimming pool and spa inspections are performed to ensure adequate levels of disinfectant, appropriate pH levels and functioning re-circulation equipment. Campground and trailer courts are inspected to ensure an adequate level of sanitation in sewage disposal, water supply and refuse disposal. We also inspect group homes and licensed daycares for general sanitation, food safety and safety concerns.

Food & Consumer Safety

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