Junk Vehicle Program

 One of my duties as County Sanitarian is to direct the County Junk Vehicle (JV) Program.  If you have recently received a Notice of Violation (NOV) or a letter from me stating that I have received a complaint of junk vehicles on your property, you are not alone.  For some reason, I have recently received a large amount of junk vehicle complaints. These complaints are from across the county and include Brady, Ledger, Dupuyer, Conrad, and the rural areas.  I believe the reason that Valier was not included in the complaints is because the town council initiated a successful junk vehicle clean-up back in 2006.  I am hoping that a timely article on the junk vehicle program will help answer questions and maybe prompt folks to take care of their junk vehicles before I have to get involved.

Please contact Corrine for release forms.

The following links provide more information about the Junk Vehicle Program:


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