Drought is a natural hazard that differs from other natural hazards in that it has a slow onset, evolves over months or years, affects a large region, causes little structural damage, and is a normal part of virtually any climate. The impacts of drought span economic, environmental and social sectors. Inadequate rainfall (a physical factor) and increasing demands for water (a social factor) are the causes of drought. The impacts of drought hit hardest when people place too high a demand on the water supply. We can reduce vulnerability to drought by balancing water supply and demand.

The Pondera County Drought Advisory Committee is convened on an as-needed basis to monitor and assess the impacts of drought. The Committee consists primarily of state and local agencies but the public is encouraged to attend all meetings. Meeting notices are sent to the Independent Observer and the Valerian and posted on this website. Specific duties of the Committee include:

  • Gather data regarding the effects of drought, the resources impacted, and the resources, if any, available to assist those impacted by drought conditions.
  • Provide a central point of contact for the public and the Sate Drought Advisory Committee.
  • Gather and distribute educational materials.
  • Keep the public informed about drought conditions and local impacts.

For information on the State of Montana Drought Advisory Committee, please visit the following site: http://nris.state.mt.us/drought

To see pictures of Swift Dam and Lake Francis, as well as other sites around the state, go the the same sight, click on Drought Data and Maps and then click on Photos.

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