Youth Court

Youth Court Services combines court and probation services for juvenile offenders in Pondera County with the juvenile hearings presided over by District Court Judge Laurie Swanson.

Responsibilities of Youth Court include:

  • Pretrial investigations and recommendations
  • Diverting youth from prosecution
  • Supervision of youth who are placed on probation
  • Holding hearings on delinquency charges against youth and appropriate sentencing
  • Filing petitions for formal District Court Hearing on serious criminal charges
  • Writing pre-sentence reports to the Court for sentencing
  • Authorizing detention, release, and transportation of youth
  • Drug testing of youth
  • Collecting restitution for victims of youth crime.


The Juvenile Probation Officer is in Conrad every Monday and Wednesday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

The Youth Court office is located on the third floor at the Courthouse.

(406) 271-4035

Deputy Youth Court Officer
Laura Swanson

Administrative Assistant


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