Clerk of Court

The Clerk of District Court’s office is the "Hub" of the Judicial System. The staff in the Clerk’s office take minutes during all Pondera County District Court hearings and trials.

All actions that take place in the Judicial System are filed with the Clerk of District Court by Attorneys or in some cases, Pro se (when you file your own documents).

The Clerk of Court and the Deputies have to know the law, but "cannot" practice law, so a word of warning, if you come to us and want to know the procedure, documents required and all the rest that goes along with taking legal action, we cannot give you legal advice. There is some information we can provide, but it is very limited.

The Clerk’s office issues Marriage Licenses and oversees the Law Library. We also collect child support payments, fines, and disburse accordingly.

This office prepares jury selection each year, which is picked randomly by computer. Our jurors are empanelled from July 1st of the given year thru June 30th of the following year.


The Clerk of Court is appointed by the Federal Government to handle Passport applications. The Clerk and staff have had extensive training in this and it is a complex procedure. Although not a County function, handling of passport applications is an important, convenient and confidential service for the residents of Pondera County. The Clerk of District Court’s office in Conrad is the only location in Pondera County appointed to sell a passport.

There is an application required which can be picked up at our office.  In the alternative, individuals may visit the website to fill out a form to print and bring to our office.  There are two distinctly different products available.  The Passport Book is designed for any means of travel (air, land, sea) to any destination.  The Passport Card (wallet-sized) is designed for use at land and sea ports-of-entry of Canada, Mexico, the Bermudas, and the Caribbean.  Both products are valid for 10 years for adults and 5 years for minors under age 16. Typical processing time to receive the product is between 4-6 weeks.  If needed, this process can be expedited to receive the products within 2-3 weeks, for additional optional service fees paid to the Department of State. 

Documents to bring: (subject to change)

1.        Certified copy of your Birth Certificate.

2.        Color photograph following the guidelines set out in the Passport Application.

3.        Valid driver’s license or state-issued photo ID (If from another state, two forms of photo ID will be needed).

For current passport fee information, please contact the Clerk of Court's office or go online to

Clerk Of Court
Ninth Judicial District

The Clerk of District Court's office is located on the top floor of the Courthouse.

Clerk of Court
Laurie Eisenzimer     (406) 271-4026 

Nancy Bruner           (406) 271-4028

Ninth Judicial District Judge
Honorable Robert G. Olson 

Court Reporter

 Marcie McClure     (505) 860-9678


Adoptions - Filing Petition $105.00
Amendment of Parenting Plan - Contested only (does not apply to cases dealing with child support only) $120.00
Appeal From Lower Court - Does not apply to Small Claims cases $30.00
Appeal From District Court to Supreme Court - Cost of mailing case to Supreme Court can also be required $5.00
Appearance - For the appearance of each defendant or each respondent $70.00
Authentication/Exemplification - For authenticated or exemplified copies for out of state jurisdictions $6.00
Certification - For Certification with a Seal $2.00
Civil Commencement of Action - For each action or proceeding from the plaintiff. petitioner, or appellant (includes Invalidity) $120.00
Copy of Decree of Dissolution - For each copy of a decree (separately filed parenting plans or property settlement agreements not included (does not include Certification) $10.00
Copy of Marriage License - For each copy of a marriage license (does not include Certification) $5.00
Copies of Other Documents - $1.00 per page (1st 10 pages), $0.50 additional pages
Declaration of Marriage - For filing and recording the Declaration $53.00
Dissolution Commencement of Action - For filing Petition (includes Summary and Joint Dissolution) $200.00
Executions/Writs of Assistance/Orders of Sale - For Issuance $5.00
Foreign Capital Depository Judgment - For filing the judgment $2,500.00
Foreign Judgment - For filing authenticated copy and docketing (no cost for registering out of state custody decrees & support orders 40-5-173 MCA) $90.00
Foreign Probate - With certificate $85.00
Intervention Complaint - For filing a complaint in intervention $80.00
Judgments - For entry of judgment from prevailing party $45.00
Legal Separation Commencement of Action - For filing petition $180.00
Marriage License Issuance - For issuing, filing and recording marriage $53.00
Notarization/Oath and Jurat - For each Notarization with Court Seal $1.00
Probate/Guardianship/Conservatorship Commencement of Action - For filing Formal/Informal or Ancillary Petition $100.00
Process Server Registration - For registration $100.00
Searches - $2.00 per name per year up to 7 years, $1.00 per name thereafter (no maximum charge limit)
Substitution of Judge - For each motion filed (not in criminal cases) $100.00
Transcript/Abstract of Judgment - For preparation of a transcript
For filing a transcript from another jurisdiction
Transmission of Record or Files or Transfer of a Case to Another Court (includes removals to Federal District Court and forward in appeals to Supreme Court) $5.00
Venue Change - For filing from another district court (incoming)
For sending file to another jurisdiction outgoing

*All fees are mandatory and set by Statute. Fees are subject to change and are governed by legislative process.

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