Clerk and Recorder


The Clerk and Recorder's office contains a wide variety of records and duties.

Recorded transfers and other transactions relating to real property are maintained in this office. The records a public records and are routinely utilized by banks, title companies, oil and gas companies and individuals having a need for the information. In addition, the Clerk works with the County Planning board, the contract land planner and sanitarian with respect to certificates of survey and subdivision plats as well as compliance with state law.

Need a birth or death certificate? Contact the Clerk and Recorder's Office. These records are not public records, but are filed in the Clerk and Recorder's office for the convenience of family members and people having legal authority for access. We are connected to the birth and death records on file with the State of Montana and can issue certified copies of any Montana birth record since 1923 and/or death records since the early 1950's. We can provide the information faster and at lower or equal cost. We also have on file certificates of discharge of persons who served with the United States Armed Forces.

NOTE: Military Discharge records are also confidential and can only be issued to the service person or those having legal authority for access.

The Clerk and Recorder is involved in the preparation and maintenance of the county budget as well as preparation of the annual financial report of the county which is submitted to the State of Montana. In addition, the Clerk works with the auditors throughout the year and during the audit of the county's financial records. The clerk is also involved in the processing of delinquent taxes.

The Clerk's office processes the payroll and benefits for county employees. Claims of vendors who have supplied products or provided services are also paid in this office.

The Clerk attends the weekly Commissioner meeting and keeps the official minutes of the Commission. Again, these records are public and you are welcome to come in to our office and read the Commission minutes.


Monday-Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

(406) 271-4070 (fax)

Clerk & Recorder
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